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A chat with…Laksa

Laksa is a young talent operating in the endlessly interesting UK techno scene. Like his counterparts Bruce, Joe and co, he is always breaking moulds with his productions, both within banging club music but also beyond it into esoteric ambient and more. A few days ago, he played for No Way Back at Wire, who are […]

Introducing: Timing

Club goers and dance music fans have a unique relationship with time. In a way, our aim is to completely overturn the conventions of day and night. We live nocturnally and underground, compelled by darkness and artificial light. The repetitive music and hypnotic atmosphere melt the hours away, and reject the rigid ticking of the clock. But, at the […]

Influences: Perc

In this new feature for the Wire blog, we ask our visiting DJs to reveal a few of their formative tracks. Tomorrow night (9th May 2017), Blink are bringing contemporary techno legend Perc for what will be one of the toughest midweek sessions the club has ever seen. Ali Wells has been releasing music for […]

Introducing: Cervo

On a chilly March evening just over two years ago, I went with a few friends to a charity event at Wharf Chambers down near the canal in Leeds. It was raising money for Student Action for Refugees (STAR), way before the refugee crisis had reached its most critical point, or had even entered into public […]

A chat with…John Heckle

The musical pedigree of Liverpool is right up there. The city has a real ear for pop, producing probably the world’s most famous bands in the Beatles, among many other very presentable 60s radio and Billboard artists. There have been a scattering of groups since (The La’s, Lightning Seeds), but nothing that can be said to be groundbreaking. […]

In The Bag: Tom Drew

Before he joins Jane Fitz behind the decks at Wire for the launch of Relic, we spoke to Tom Drew about his record bag that is bursting to the brim with interesting tracks. The Londonder was invited to play, along with On Rotation’s Alex T, having run several amazing and friendly parties with his Loophole […]

Introducing: Treehouse

If you’re like me, then you would have probably killed for a treehouse when you were younger. The sense of adventure, the seclusion and their prominence on TV and Film made those little elevated rooms the coolest idea imaginable. Sadly, they are a extremely rare sighting. But the youthful yearning for these playhouses remains. Maybe […]

A chat with…Minor Science

The UK underground dance music zeitgeist is soundtracked by the post-dubstep techno sound of London. It is bass-heavy, beautifully produced and often mind bending music, constructed from killer breaks and abstract sounds. Labels such as The Trilogy Tapes and Whities are leading this movement. Both are immaculately presented, placing art and fashion on level with their fresh-sounding […]

A chat with…Lo Shea

The techno lads from Tempus are back this October. Back in March they put on Innervisions’ Marcus Worgull. Their next party looks much closer to home for inspiration. Lo Shea will join them for a revel in the dark stuff on 5th October. We e-mailed the Hope Works boss, aka Liam O’Shea, and he responded […]