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In the bag: Amy Alford [Audio Chronicles]

After supporting Peggy Gou at Nord, who made a point of exhibiting an all-girl DJ line up, it is clear that our next subject for In The Bag is having a big impact on the Leeds scene. For two years, along with her musical compadre Alex Ogilvie, she has been orchestrating the Audio Chronicles parties, which first […]

A chat with…Roman Flügel

Andrew Kemp speaks to an electronic music legend ahead of his return to Wire this Friday.   Hi Roman, you’re playing Wire on Friday, taking to the decks for the entire night as part of the An Evening With… series. How have previous visits to Leeds treated you? I always feel welcome and playing at Wire […]

Introducing: Relic

The idea of a relic isn’t something you’d immediately associate with the futurism of techno. Since the 1980s, the genre has always looked forwards to a technological and digital end. But, nowadays, the relic (the historic, the culturally significant) is an idea that needs to be injected into underground club culture. Vinyl records are musical […]

Happy 17th Birthday, Fuzzy Logic

Fuzzy Logic was born in the year 2000, riding a wave of millennial positivity and capitalising on the popularity of indie music at the time. Seventeen years on, and the logic still rings true. Although the music policy at Wire has gradually shifted towards electronic sounds, this weekly club night has been retained, because we simply couldn’t do […]

A chat with…Byron The Aquarius

Seemingly from nowhere, the figure of Byron The Aquarius rose to prominence in 2016. From relative obscurity a few months ago, to dominating European festival line ups in the summer, you’d think he must have performed some act of trickery to get where he is now. However, he has been gliding just below the surface of the scene […]

In the Bag: Alex Theodossiadis

While big name DJs come and go, producing both awe and ambivalence in equal measure, there are certain selectors that often go unnoticed, yet have a more lasting and consistent effect on the places they inhabit. Though they may not tour around the world or play in grandiose settings, their influence is felt from below your feet. Like a […]

Happy 6th Birthday, Butter Side Up

Butter Side Up is considered to be Wire’s flagship night for house, techno and disco. The boys have come a long way since the early days of parties in Hyde Park. Now they not only throw huge monthly parties in the Wire basement, but also regularly feature at summer events across Leeds and at festivals in […]

A chat with…Laurel Halo

We are honoured to have been given the chance to conduct this short interview with one of electronic music’s most formidable artists: Laurel Halo. Her music is conceptual, experimental and award winning. Machines are the vehicle for her creative expression, the product of which references the colder side of eighties synth-pop, and partners it with the bass-heavy techno sound […]

A chat with…Resom

We are always excited to see who Pearson Sound brings along to play at his Acetate night. As well as huge names such as Four Tet, his feelers extend to the more underground selectors that he has come across on his travels. Resom is one of them. Her work as a touring DJ, resident at ://about […]