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Tribe’s Picks #1

At Wire, we firmly believe that a quality record shop supplying and advising on electronic music and its sister genres, is essential to the development of the club scene. We were so thrilled at the return of Tribe Records to Kirkgate in Leeds that we thought we’d give them a little corner of our blog […]

Influences: Neville Watson

Neville Watson is one of those figures of UK dance music that has never achieved huge fame, but whose role has been vital to the scene’s development. As a producer in the late 90s and 00s, he reflected and refracted the British acid house tradition that enveloped him, as his first introduction to electronic music. As […]

Introducing: BE LGBTQ – R’n’B With Edges

In spite of the LGBTQ community’s vital importance to the development of club culture, there is quite a rigid distinction between what is a straight club and what is a gay club. Wire is, admittedly, in the “straight” camp. But that’s not to say that it’s not had moments where it has belied this title. Prosumer, […]

Introducing: Timing

Club goers and dance music fans have a unique relationship with time. In a way, our aim is to completely overturn the conventions of day and night. We live nocturnally and underground, compelled by darkness and artificial light. The repetitive music and hypnotic atmosphere melt the hours away, and reject the rigid ticking of the clock. But, at the […]

(Re)introducing: Tribe Records

Record shops are like buses in Leeds, it seems. Before June, wax watering holes in the city were few and far between. But now, for the relatively small size of the city, we are spoilt for choice. In addition to the regular services of Jumbo and Crash (with its basement counterpart Wall of Sound) are a […]

Influences: Helena Hauff

It was on a cold Tuesday night in November 2015 that Helena Hauff last visited Wire club. The event was hosted by Leeds’ sole electro merchants, Super Hexagon, who, it seems, were way ahead of the curve with their bookings. They booked Hauff, and then DJ Stingray four months later. Fast forward to a year later, and these […]

In the bag: Rory Flynn (Subterranea)

This DJ is the owner of Sub:terranea. The night started in York four years ago formed by a tight-knit group of vinyl loving residents. About a year later Rory moved to Leeds and now runs regular events at Wire and 212 Bar. His style reflects the night, with a focus on the deeper side of electronic music, […]

Introducing: Rhumboogie

York is Leeds’ prim and proper cousin; its the county town that stands tall with its back straight against enduring traditions, peering over at its very noisy neighbour to the west while tucking into its afternoon tea. The Leeds heads are no doubt consuming much stronger. And yet there are pockets of activity in York that […]

In the Bag: Smorsli [Pretty Pretty Good]

A year on from stretching their tendrils over to Leeds, Pretty Pretty Good can be happy with the parties they have cultivated here. Accepting that they would have to do midweek rather than weekend parties, they have really dominated the school-night scene, and have done so with pizzazz by adding some really special names to their […]

The Best of Move D

2010 was the last time Move D appeared in Wire. It was for Mono Cult, and the recording is below. This date seems recent, but it’s actually a frighteningly long time ago, when you think about it. A lot has changed politically since then. A lot has even changed musically. Locally, in Leeds, whole life […]