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A chat with Carl Finlow aka Silicon Scally

In his sound, visual aesthetic and sheer volume of output, you may be fooled into thinking that Carl Finlow isn’t of this earth. When he does come back down to terra firma, he doesn’t stay still, but traverses it: in the 2000s, probably the height of his powers, Finlow was regularly embarking on world tours, having made a name for […]

Tribe’s Picks #5

For the first edition of Tribe’s Picks of 2018, we asked one of the shop’s gurus Alex T to reflect on the past year, forecast the year ahead and provide his usual set of current hits from the shelves of 28 Kirkgate. Give the Tribe Records page a like on Facebook to keep up to date. “The […]

In The Bag: Tami Pein

After half a year of amazing performances at Wire, we asked one of Brotherhood’s newly appointed resident DJs to show us what’s in her bag. This selector’s internationally-minded selections flow from her passion for the environment. Under the “Elemental” name, you will find her running sustainable events that deal with key issues by encouraging artistic creativity; “creative social […]

A chat with…Lawrence

We chat to Hamburg’s Lawrence, who is responsible for setting up the brilliant Smallville record shop in the city, as well as jointly masterminding the amazing techno and minimal label DIAL. Visions of Germany’s huge port city may consist of Christmas markets and frostbitten municipal squares, as well as the classy winter warmth of continental cafe culture. […]

A chat with…anu

If there’s one thing that Rhythm Section-affiliated anu is an expert in, it is making bodies move. As one of the party’s resident DJs, she has been key to making it not simply an organisation, but a movement (and an international one as its full name suggests). Her radio shows, often calm affairs that trace a history […]

Influences: ZamZam Sounds

There is a sense in which the ZamZam Sounds label now acts in the same manner as the wellspring of Islamic mythology from which it takes its name. It is an ever-flowing fount of nourishing sounds, all aimed at engaging the spiritual potential of dub-reggae through modern production techniques. Encompassing dubstep, breakbeat, digidub and more, the label […]

A birthday chat with Limit

After two years of running amazing parties across Yorkshire, Limit come back to Wire to celebrate the anniversary, inviting Harrison BDP to lead the festivities. We caught up with Matt and Sammy to reflect on the work they have done so far.   You are known for your ‘Limit Social’ events. How did you come to put […]

A chat with…Tom Ellis

Tom Ellis is a producer through and through, an unstoppable force in beat-making who has been prolifically putting out tunes since the mid noughties. Not one to chase fame, fortune, or any kind of mainstream recognition, he has actually earned himself a more enduring reputation as a humble artiste dedicated to exploring sound, and (more importantly) becoming close […]

In The Bag: Aaron L

The next victim of the In The Bag series is a man who is at the linchpin of the scene at the moment as a label owner, radio programmer and music blog founder. Rather than creating content, as is his vocation in these three roles, we are today making him the subject of ours. And this role reversal is […]