In the bag: Amy Alford [Audio Chronicles]


After supporting Peggy Gou at Nord, who made a point of exhibiting an all-girl DJ line up, it is clear that our next subject for In The Bag is having a big impact on the Leeds scene. For two years, along with her musical compadre Alex Ogilvie, she has been orchestrating the Audio Chronicles parties, which first took place at The White Rabbit in the financial district of Leeds, and now regularly happen at the 212 Cafe & Bar. With these events, the pair choose to invest interest in their friends, many of whom are superb selectors in their own right. They also have a monthly KMAH show, which is a lovely Sunday-comedown session of anything from jazz to deep house. This person’s tastes predominantly lie in the latter genre; let’s see what she’s got in her bag…


Name: Amy Alford

Hometown: Milton Keynes


First record ever bought?

I’d heard this out for years and as it goes for a classic house track, this is definitely one of them. I wanted to start collecting vinyl and very conveniently this was being repressed at the time, so I had to bag it. Even after years of rinsing it, it never ceases to put a smile on my face. Proper lush house.


Best floorfiller?

There’s so many incredible elements to this tune: aggressive claps, luscious synths and entrancing vocals. If this doesn’t make you move, there’s something up. Viva italo-disco!


Best crate dig?

DJ Pierre ‎– DJ Pierre with a hidden  A² (4) ‎– Equational Frequencies tucked inside.

I was browsing in Soho a couple of years back when I picked up a DJ Pierre LP. It was only when I took it home I found A² – Equational Frequencies tucked inside. I’d always been a straight house and techno kind of gal but that EP sucked me into electro.


Sleaziest record?

I know, I know – so obvious. But you have to admit, erotic vocals and pounding kick drum would make anyone feel a) aroused b) uncomfortable c) mixture of both. Even hearing it X amount of times it’s still as smutty as ever.


Best warehouse/stadium filler?

Based on a recent experience, it’s got to be Head High – Think it. This was the second track I played at the Brotherhood Soundsystem Halloween party which went down pretty well. I love the buildup at the beginning with a big kick drum slap in the face around 1 minute 30. Production wise, Head high is one of my biggest inspirations.


Most nostalgic record?

DJ Spider dropping this wonky beaut at Freerotation 2 years in a row. Insane set from the NY badman.


Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)


This LP is so significant to me. It’s completely embedded in my childhood. It’s so innovative, with every tune produced so beautifully. Sunk in electronica comes so many genres, textures and moods. Tying in with ‘Most Nostalgic’ it symbolizes everything: my mum, my childhood and my obsession with 4×4.


Weirdest record?

If we say most trippy it’s got to be Herbie Hancock – Quasar. Considering the rest of the Treasure Chest compilation is pretty melodic, Quasar’s very experimental.  It’s definitely a whacky gem from the LP: spacey, experimental and trippy as hell.


Last record you bought?

I’m completely obsessed with the Parisian label and store, Yoyaku. Their catalogue, releases and instore sessions are incredible. Kito Kusunoki played a live instore on Saturday, I heard this and bagged it straight away. The rest of the EP’s got a minimal meets breakbeat thing going on. Decent. S-Max – Blackest Sun – You Don’t Know My Hood



Record you wish you could own?

God, hundreds. But the likelihood of me getting a copy of Daniel Bell – The Wild Life is very slim. The discogs sharks got me this time.



Amy will be playing the PPG x Soundwave Festival Launch Party w/ Contours, Cervo and Brotherhood Soundsystem on Friday 14th April 2017. Check the event here.


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