In the bag: Rory Flynn (Subterranea)


This DJ is the owner of Sub:terranea. The night started in York four years ago formed by a tight-knit group of vinyl loving residents. About a year later Rory moved to Leeds and now runs regular events at Wire and 212 Bar. His style reflects the night, with a focus on the deeper side of electronic music, encompassing a range of genres. At Wire recently the focus has been on all analog live sets with innovative performances from Radioactive Man and John Heckle. Here, he gives some of the best from his bag…


Name(s): Rory Flynn

DJ name: Rory Flynn

Hometown: Leeds


First record ever bought?

Progressive House and Trance was inescapable in the late 90s and Sasha and John Digweed were my first introductions into underground dance music. This is unashamedly trance-y but is an absolute classic. Arpeggios all the way!


Best floorfiller?

This one is tinged with sadness as the legend Trevino/Marcus Intalex passed away very recently. He played for us last year and was a really lovely guy. Not many producers could have done this classic track justice but Trevino’s remix adds a massive dose of techno energy whilst encapsulating the psychedelic vibe of the original. Every time I’ve played it at Wire it’s brought the roof down.


Best crate dig?

I picked this up from the amazing Waxwerks store when it was open in Leeds a few years ago. I’m not sure I would have ever discovered it otherwise. The shop and the adjoining Garage nightclub were only open for around 18 months but have achieved legendary status in Leeds from anyone luckily enough to go. Leeds has desperately missed an underground record shop since but 2 new ones are on the way now courtesy of The Doghouse and Tribe, happy days It’s a gorgeous piece of soulful house with layered pads and a thought provoking speech from Gil-Scott Heron.



Sleaziest record?

Awesome post-prog, deep and dark techno with a killer bassline and distorted vocal. Sounds epic on a big system.



Best warehouse/stadium filler?

I’ve not had chance to play too many massive warehouse or stadiums (yet?) so I’ll use my imagination on this one. This is typical of Call Super in that it’s a fairly understated but has a rolling, hypnotic quality that would work well at the more underground festival stages. Every time I play it out I get asked what it is, and the title usually gets a funny look…



Best chill-out record?

Arguably Trentemoller and Poker Flat’s finest hour. For me it’s the after-party album to put on with the early morning sun shining through the window. It’s a beautifully epic mixture of intricate beats, soaring pads and live instrumentation.


Most nostalgic record?  


I’ve always been a massive Radiohead fan since I first started finding music for myself. This is a classic song from The Bends that brings back countless memories and a general sense of happiness that I always seem to derive from melancholic records! Can’t wait to see them at Glastonbury very soon…


Most valuable record? (monetary or sentimental)

I’m not really one for checking how much my records would fetch on Discogs, I’m more bothered about playing them out. For sentimental value I’d go for this acid-tinged track from 2001. It closed out a Lee Burridge mix that was one of the first albums that truly started to influence the type of music I play now. It still rarely leaves my record box!


Weirdest record?

Plenty of choice here, it’s something of a specialty! I’d have to go for this beautiful cut from Nils Frahm’s Late night tales album. The original recording is from 1938 and this has been pressed with the crackles, pops and sense of space so it sounds like you’re playing it on a gramophone in your living room. It reminds me of an old war movie, but I’ve still managed to drop it into a warm-up mix at Wire!



Last record you bought?

Epic acidic dancefloor tackle. Looking forward to testing it out on Wire’s Funktion Ones.


Record you wish you could own?

Difficult choice this one, there’s always loads of records that I wish I had! This is a classic electro record from wicked producer Plant 43. Fantastic driving bassline, soaring synth lines and sci-fi bleeps. Currently going for a ridiculous price on Discogs as it’s backed with the equally awesome Burp by E.R.P. Can always hope for a repress…


Keep up to date with Subterranean rumblings via their Facebook page.

Their next event is with A Sagittariun at Wire on 14th July and it’s their 4th Birthday! Congratulations to the crew.

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