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A birthday chat with Limit

After two years of running amazing parties across Yorkshire, Limit come back to Wire to celebrate the anniversary, inviting Harrison BDP to lead the festivities. We caught up with Matt and Sammy to reflect on the work they have done so far.   You are known for your ‘Limit Social’ events. How did you come to put […]

Introducing: Timing

Club goers and dance music fans have a unique relationship with time. In a way, our aim is to completely overturn the conventions of day and night. We live nocturnally and underground, compelled by darkness and artificial light. The repetitive music and hypnotic atmosphere melt the hours away, and reject the rigid ticking of the clock. But, at the […]

A chat with…Finn Johannsen

The next instalment of Acetate will once again exhibit selectors of world class calibre. David Kennedy aka Pearson Sound, who organises the night, errs towards the DJs who dedicate their time to collecting music, infrequently booking those who attempt to spin plates and produce music at the same time. The DJs’ heightened awareness of the vinyl record landscape seems […]

The Best of Money $ex Records

Max Graef and Glenn Astro haven’t been kicking around for ages. Both released their first records under five years ago, but, in that time, they have often worked in tandem to become a couple of the most highly respected producers in the biz. Most recently, they started Money $ex Records, having previously worked with Sleazy […]

A chat with Martyn

If you think about figures of prominence in electronic music over the past 20 years, Martijn Deijkers should be among them. From cutting his teeth as a drum & bass DJ in Holland, to pioneering dubstep in the noughties, to residing with Ostgut Ton, Martyn has always been at the forefront of the scene. What makes his music distinctive […]

A chat with DJ Stingray

It’s an exciting prospect when one of Leeds’ old firm promoters approaches the new kids to put on an event. And that’s exactly what has happened in the last few weeks. Future Daze, headed up by Simon Scott who orchestrates the Dimensions, Outlook and Sub Dub events, are collaborating with Super Hexagon, one Leeds’ newest and most innovative […]

A chat with PBR Streetgang

PBR Streetgang are a Leeds house music institution. Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe regularly play the biggest parties around the world, sharing line ups with the most acclaimed names on the scene. For a series of nights in 2016, however, they are trading in some of this globetrotting glamour to put on a party in their hometown. […]