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One Night With…Sadar Bahar

Though he has been digging since the 70s, Sadar Bahar has only risen to prominence within the last 10 years. This makes sense, because it is the quality and sheer enormity of his record collection that has earned him such renown.   With 14,000 records up his sleeve, you know he’ll be digging deep for […]

Mass w/ Spacetravel (4 Hour Set)

Spacetravel is back, taking Mass for the second time after a successful birthday party in May. This time, he is joined by Leeds’ finest exponents of minimal and tech house, all of whom are featured on what will be the debut release on the Mass label: Jack Wickam, Wheatley and Kepler.

Introducing: Timing

Club goers and dance music fans have a unique relationship with time. In a way, our aim is to completely overturn the conventions of day and night. We live nocturnally and underground, compelled by darkness and artificial light. The repetitive music and hypnotic atmosphere melt the hours away, and reject the rigid ticking of the clock. But, at the […]

Influences: Perc

In this new feature for the Wire blog, we ask our visiting DJs to reveal a few of their formative tracks. Tomorrow night (9th May 2017), Blink are bringing contemporary techno legend Perc for what will be one of the toughest midweek sessions the club has ever seen. Ali Wells has been releasing music for […]

A chat with…Byron The Aquarius

Seemingly from nowhere, the figure of Byron The Aquarius rose to prominence in 2016. From relative obscurity a few months ago, to dominating European festival line ups in the summer, you’d think he must have performed some act of trickery to get where he is now. However, he has been gliding just below the surface of the scene […]

A chat with…Minor Science

The UK underground dance music zeitgeist is soundtracked by the post-dubstep techno sound of London. It is bass-heavy, beautifully produced and often mind bending music, constructed from killer breaks and abstract sounds. Labels such as The Trilogy Tapes and Whities are leading this movement. Both are immaculately presented, placing art and fashion on level with their fresh-sounding […]

Introducing: Toby Nicholas

Leeds knows how to throw a party. Anyone that comes through the city as a student or worker acquires some of that special wisdom, whether it be in selecting records, promoting or just dancing. Toby Nicholas has occupied all three roles in his time on both sides of the Pennines, and is now flying with a sweet […]