Tribe’s Picks #3


This is the third set of highlights from Leeds’ premier record shop for fresh electronic music, and close ally to Wire, Tribe Records.

Selections are by Alex Theodossiadis and Mike Greenwell.

The next Tribe-related party at Wire is Dancehall Science w/ Adrian Sherwood and Iration Steppas this Saturday, operated by the shop’s owner Simon Scott.


DMX Krew – 5 Ways 2 Jack

Alex: Jerome Hill’s Super Rhythm Trax imprint have been a steady and reliable source of acid house, breaks and techno for the last few years, with raw drum work and menacing 303 lines underpinning the labels aesthetic. On this release, DMX Krew reign’s in his usually playful synth work to fit more accordingly with the Super Rhythm Trax outlook, with each track focussing on tough 4×4 beats and old school bleeps and bass, so you’d be forgiven for mistaking this release as a classic 90’s Warp or Plus8 record rather than a new production.


Cultivated Electronics – Curvepusher Sessions Vol 1 12”

Alex: We’re a big fan of machine funk electro at Tribe and this new Cultivated Electronics record is a prime example of it. An all star team including Keith Tenniswood (Radioactive Man), Simon Brown (The Dexorcist), Matt Whitehead and Phil Keiran have knocked their heads together to craft 4 fast paced electro slammers that range from paranoid acid to hypnotic bleepy electro. A real celebration of the UK electro sound!


Larry Heard – ‘Alien’ LP (Alleviated Records)

Mike: This is a great ambient and beatdown album from the master of house. His depth as a producer knows no bounds and this is a forgotten classic from 1996. It’s a great reissue with really, really nice mastering. Sounds ace in fact. There’s nods to Bladerunner, European prog-rock, Detroit music theory, Chciago house, Balearica and more. Essential stuff. All hail Larry Heard, the master. The ambient section at Tribe has been expanding gradually with releases from around the world.


Beatrice Dillon and Call Super – ‘Inkjet /Fluo’ 12” (Hessle Audio)

Mike: This label is close to the city’s hearts and is so prolific, they have been doing a fantastic job of late with the recent Batu 12” and also the stuff we’ve been hearing in the pipeline. This record is a much more expansive piece than the club bombs the label is renowned for. ‘Fluo’ especially is a composition of depth and beauty. It has the psychedelic breaks and dips that the recent Batu 12” had, but the synth lines add even more drama and atmosphere than before. This will be a potent weapon in a thoughtful DJ’s hands, as well as being a great and enduring listen on the home stereo.


E.R.P – ‘Lunar Ruins’ 12” (Harbour City Sorrow)

Mike: Electro, machine-funk, techno, acid…whatever your perversion, we’ve got you at Tribe. Electro though, well, we’ve been stocking the dungeon jams week-in, week-out and we could pick any number of tunes for you. E.R.P’s productions are among the best in the genre at the moment. This one on Harbour City Sorrow – a partner label of Frustrated Funk (we’re not sure, but they are certainly a family member) – is another peerless example of tight, cosmic, deep electro from 2011. Funk and worries in equal measure, dystopian mind tweaks and computer malfunctioning soul. It’s another very consistent record. The track ‘Lunar Ruins’ is great at 33rpm too.

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